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This page is created to thank Brett for looking after our Parish garden throughout the year. Indeed your hard work had paid off!

this brightens my day

"yummy nectar," says the bee

the cute pink ones are attracting the bees too. Ideas for hair piece for Melbourne Cup.

this one is about to wilt soon, but still looked beautiful. Just noticed, one of the petals looked like a duck figure

I can't help but notice this hardworking bee resting in the petal of this beautiful flower.

this two bunches looked like mom and daughter blooming together

a bunch of red roses. anyone?

This beauty is blooming outside Fr Joe's office.

This rose is going to bloom soon. I am keeping an eye on it

The shape of this one is just perfect

Beautiful red roses

very calming color

Very unique one

Bountiful lemons this year

i think they are mandarins and they are definitely edible

This one is extremely beautiful, but it's growing in a hidden spot.

They are like Japanese Sakura!

This one is growing outside the Presbytery

I love this color

are they tomatoes?

This flower only looked beautiful when the sun is out - it's called Sunflower indeed

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