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Feast of the Ascension: Message from Fr Jerome

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension on which we remember that, through Christ, humanity now sits at the right hand of the Father. God who holds all things in existence, who holds every moment in being is now accessible through Christ’s humanity at every moment and in every place. One like us intercedes for us forever, one who has wounds like us, but whose wounds have become glorious. This is the glory of one who lives completely from love and for love, who receives all from the Father and restores all to the Father, including us. He has made himself into food for us that we might grow in his likeness and follow where he has already gone.

A lifetime ago, I updated the parish on the formation of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). I want to assure everyone this has not disappeared from sight. At that time, I sought suggestions in the form of a questionnaire, and we got many great replies for the PPC to consider. However, it occurs to me that the last few weeks have given us much to think about, and so I would like to ask the parish to reflect on this time and what each of us could offer the parish, whom we would like to help, and what we would like to see happen socially.

This comes from a few discussions I had this week. A number of people shared blessings that they had received, things that had come out of the enforced changes that they did not want to see lost once the restrictions were lifted. Some of these were as simple as eating together regularly or having the time or opportunity to discuss really important matters.

I would like us as a community to reflect on this to see what blessings could be offered on a larger scale. What are the things that we have rediscovered, or only just realised that we have been missing? What are the small steps we have taken personally or as a family that might be useful to our neighbours? What are some of the bright ideas that we have had that need just a few more people to get off the ground?

I wrote a while ago that it would be interesting in the future to think about what seeds are being planted and what might grow as a result of this necessary change to our daily lives. One always has to be careful to let seeds grow, not to keep digging up the plant before it is ready to bear fruit. However, now might be the time to start thinking about the make-up of the garden that is our parish community. Let’s take stock of our blessings, and begin to think about who might need them and how we might multiply them.


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